Wednesday, April 9, 2014

February 14: Proverb Poster Project

In February, students were introduced to proverbs and completed their first project – The Proverb Poster Board.  Students were introduced to proverbs as a way that many African people teach wisdom and how proverbial wisdom helps to inform the choices we make.  Students also made up their own proverbs – many of which were very good like “He who tells lies get bumps on their tongue”.  Together students created several banners from paper rolls with their countries flags, pictures of Africa, proverbs and various interpretations of the continent.  This project also helped he students see and experience how working together could help them complete a monumental task that no one of them could do alone.

After Students were able to work together in a group to create the Proverb Scrolls, they each had the opportunity to create their own personal Proverb Poster Board.  Take a look at some of the complete Proverb Poster Board.



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