Monday, April 22, 2013

Studio Africa: The Spirit of the Mask

On an earlier trip to the Smithsonian Museum of African Art, students participated in a team scavenger hunt where they had to identify the names of various exhibits, their country of origin, artist or ethnic group and meaning or use in society of which many were masks.  Students were enthralled by the spirit of the masks and asked myriad questions surrounding the spirit of masks and their importance to society.  In March, students would learn more about the role of masks in African society and have the opportunity to create their own masks.

Under the watchful eye of Master Artist Malandela Zulu and his assistants, students first experimented with aluminum foil masks learning how to outline each others faces as practice.  As a part of their introduction to Studio Africa and learning about the variety of African cultures, each student was responsible for picking an African country.  During this process, each student had a mold of their face created and was tasked with designing their own mask including the flag of their chosen African country.  This process included identifying their countries flag, sketching a draft picture of their mask, having a mold of their face made and eventually painting their mask using their own creativity.  The slide show you see below is a pictorial review of that process.  The students had a ball during this process.  Check it out!

Slideshow Music:  Famoudou Konate / Konkoba II

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