Monday, July 9, 2012

Kramer Middle School: The "Stars" of Studio Africa 2011-2012

FEBRUARY: Understanding Art.  Understanding Science.  Discovering the “hidden” science behind African art.
Students learned how art and science are everywhere and are critical to their everyday lives. They used this understanding to analyze the art and science of Africa including architecture, fabric, jewelry, and the art pieces identified during the January visit to the National Museum of African Art.

MARCH: African Scientists, Artists and The Possibilities of Me
Students learned about a myriad of men and women of African descent who, by using their talents, gifts, interests and genius, have made and continue to make invaluable contributions to the world. After, they analyzed the personality traits and life circumstances of these men and women and compared theses analyses with their own personalities and lives.

APRIL: Art Project
This month students produced their own art project.  The project was a culmination of the concepts learned and internalized in the previous months. 



JUNE 8, 2012: CLOSING CEREMONY at the National Museum of African Art
Students dressed up in traditional Moorish and Egyptian costumes and delivered presentations they had prepared on African history to family members, museum staff (including Dr. Cole) and members of the Links, Inc. Their art project - a quilt displaying each of their names in hieroglyphics - and their creative books were also on display. After the presentations, awards were handed out to the participating students, and students from Piney Branch Elementary School performed a traditional Ethiopian dance and shared some of their moves with the rest of the group. We were proud to celebrate the accomplishments of the Kramer Middle School students and another successful year of Studio Africa!

On Friday, June 8, 2012, Studio Africa held its Closing Ceremony with presentations from participating Kramer Middle School sixth graders. Some highlights from this years' program include:

Kramer Middle School students pose outside the National Museum of African Art with their Studio Africa trophies, certificates and t-shirts after their final presentations on June 8th.


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  1. Looks like the students had a great time at the National Museum of African Art. Thanks for sharing all the images and info with us.