Monday, April 4, 2011

UPCOMING APRIL FUN: The Nutrition and Diet Project

1 hour Orientation with Vera Oye' Yaa-Anna (Culinary Storyteller/Nutrition Educator) and Peggy Vujovich (Nutrition Educator)

3 hour Field Trip to Florida Ave. Farmers Market, cooking, and dining experience

The goal of the Nutrition and Diet Project is to address the problem of obesity found among children today.  The objectives of this project are…
(1)   Teach students the value of good nutrition.
(2)    Assist in the development of healthful eating habits.
(3)    Introduction to traditional African dishes such as; Fufu, Plantains and Egusi. 
(4)    Teach children food safety and tips to prepare simple and tasty treats.
(5)   For Students to share this information with other children in the community.
(6)   The use of Culinary Storytelling and Dance to create an atmosphere for a fun- filled afternoon.

Pre-Lesson Questions/ Discussions
What is a farmers Market?
Why do people go to the farmers market rather than a grocery store?
Can you find pictures online of a farmers market in Timbuktu, Mali?
Is it males or females that run most farmers markets in Africa?
What is slow food and what is fast food?  Which is better for you?
What is your favorite slow food? 
Have you ever eaten a vegetarian meal?
Have you ever been to the farmers market? 

Slow food: Fresh food that is cooked slowly (usually home cooked); cooked with care. These foods typically have little preservatives and chemicals and are better for the body and mind.
Fast food: Food that is loaded with preservatives, sugar, salt, and high in cholesterol.  These foods, found in fast food restaurants lead to obesity, diabetes and other life threatening diseases.  

Payne Elementary 
Orientation: Wednesday April 13th, 2pm-3pm
Field Trip: Wednesday April 27th 10am-1pm

Wheatley Elementary
Orientation: Tuesday April 26th 10am-11am 
Field Trip: Thursday May 5th 10am-1pm

Pics of Last Year's Nutrition and Diet Project...

The Nutrition and Diet Project Orientation 

Farmers Market Trip 2010

Farmers Market Trip 2010

Farmers Market Trip 2010

Dig in!! Students enjoying slow food 2010


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